Adoption Groups Discount

Do you run or work at a greyhound adoption group? If so, then read on.

Special offer for greyhound adoption groups

We believe that adoption groups play a vital role in connecting greyhounds with their human companions. To support these efforts, we offer 10% off all orders made by an adoption group.

Note: This program is subject to change at any time. We reserve the right to end the program and choose who gets access to the discount at our discretion.

How can I take advantage of the discount?

Please contact us and ask about the adoption group discount. We will follow up with details on the program and we might ask you a few questions. If you already placed an order, we can retroactively apply the discount.

Can we pass our discount on to people who adopt from us?

The discount for 10% off all orders is for adoption groups only. However, if you'd like we can provide you with a discount code that you can give to your new greyhound owners for 10% off their first order.